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The Can-Am Police-Fire Games Federation is a member of the Union Sportive Internationale Des Polices (USIP), the International Police Sports Union. Member nations of the USIP come from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

We are very pleased to be members of this organization as it will create awareness for additional international competitors to attend our Can-Am Police-Fire Games here in the USA and Canada, and also provide awareness for athletes from our continent to compete in World Police Championships around the world.

It will also create enhanced sponsorship opportunities for our hosting cities.
USIP is the official World Police Sport Union and recognized by the International Olympic Committee. One of the tasks of the USIP is to promote sports within all police forces on all continents of the World and also has the tasks for the primary organization of the World Police Championships in different sports disciplines.
The World Police Championships are held every year – according to the calendar of events – in the following disciplines: cross country, marathon, triathlon, judo, cycling, shooting, soccer and other police related sports. All of their championships play an important role in deepening knowledge of the culture of different countries, as well as a arena for the exchange of professional experience between police officers from all over the World.
Another goal of the USIP is creating opportunities to further develop the friendly and professional relations between the various police organizations from all continents.

Please find additional information on USIP and Upcoming Events at  http://internationalpolicesports.com/

World Police Service Pistol Shooting Championship
4-7 May 2015.Budapest – Hungary  

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