151 days until 2018 Lake of the Ozarks Games Begin

General Rules


The CAN-AM POLICE-FIRE GAMES FEDERATION rules shall supersede all other rules.


  • Age is determined as of the first day of competition in the sport entered.
  • A competitor may enter only their age division in an event, unless the event has an OPEN Division, then the competitor may enter the OPEN Division, but cannot enter both.
  • A competitor who qualifies as a Senior may compete in a Senior Doubles event and an Open Single event, but may not compete in a Senior and Open Singles event.


Competitors may enter only one sport/event classification. Competitors entering sports/events that offer doubles competition may only enter the Open Classification or the Classification of the youngest member of the doubles team. For example: Two competitors, one age 31 and the other 57 want to enter Racquetball Doubles. They may enter the Open Classification or the Senior Classification because of the age of the youngest team member.


  • National, State or Provincial law enforcement, fire service or e.m.s. agencies may combine with members of the same agency from throughout the Country, State, or Province to form a team.
  • Any Department/Detachment/Service with less than 100 eligible members may team up with another local
  • Department/Detachment/Service of less than 100 eligible members within the same State or Province, as long as there is no emphasis on selecting an “all-star” team. Games’ coordinators shall approve all team entries.
  • Coaches: Non-playing coaches or managers who are not team members are not eligible to receive Games medals. Non-playing coaches are eligible to receive medals provided they meet the same requirements as all other entrants and register in the same manner, including entry fee.
  • A Team must enter the classification of the youngest member of the team or the Open Classification. For example, a 3-Player Basketball Team has two members age 47 and one age 35. The team may enter either the Open Classification or the 35 Years & Over Classification but not both.


In certain sports/events, ten year age increments in individual/singles competition have been established as follows:


Must be over 18 years of age to compete.


30 – 39 years of age


40 – 49 years of age

Grand Master:

50 — 59 years of age

Grand Master A: 60 — 69 years of age
Grand Master B: 70 years of age and older

In certain sports/events, five-year age increments in individual/singles competition have been established as follows:


Must be over 18 years of age to compete.

Senior “A”:

30 – 34 years of age

Senior “B”:

35 – 39 years of age

Master “A”:

40 – 44 years of age

Master “B”:

45 – 49 years of age

Grand Master “A”:

50 – 54 years of age

Grand Master “B”:

55 — 59 years of age

Grand Master “C” 60 — 64 years of age
Grand Master “D” 65 — 69 years of age
Grand Master “E” 70 years of age and older

In certain sports/events, the classification for Men of “40 years & over” and for Women “35 years & over” has been established to provide greater competition:

Men: “40 years & over” The exception is Hockey, which will use 35yrs&Over.

Women: “35 years & over”

Unisex – Shall refer to sports where either men or women may compete in the same classification.

Coed – Shall refer to sports where both genders must compete in the specified ratio, in the same classification.

Some sports/events may have Light, Medium, and Heavy as weight classes. The Host may adjust the weight classes depending upon the number of participants in each division.

Individual Competitors may enter only ONE classification per sport/event; EITHER age/weight classification OR Open. Subject to the Team Rules below, they may also compete as a partner in Doubles or another team within the same sport/event.

Team Substitutions:

Substitutions must be made through the host agency’s sport coordinator if before the games, or at the games Headquarters if during the games.

Substitutions may be made any time prior to the first day of competition as long as the substitution procedures are followed.

The team captain must make substitutions. The captain must provide a complete registration and signed waiver for the substitute and additional fees if needed.

All substitutes must meet the same requirements as the original entries.

All substitution applications must be completed prior to the first competition of that team. (Or doubles team)

It is the responsibility of the substitute and team captain to request the substitution far enough ahead of the actual competition to allow the host agency time to meet its responsibilities.

The sport coordinator must be supplied a copy of the substitute’s application in a timely fashion.

No substitutions will be allowed in singles events.

Only one (1) substitution will be allowed on any team event with less than five members. (Includes team doubles).

Duplicate Entries:

A competitor may enter only one doubles event with only one partner in any sport.

Exception: A competitor may enter mixed doubles and the correct gender doubles competition.

A competitor may be on only one team in any one sport.


Clothing must be clean and so designed and worn as not to make an indecent display of the competitor’s person. It shall be the duty of the sport coordinator in charge to see that each and every competitor is properly attired in their given sports.

Men’s and Women’s Events:

Men and Women will compete together except where there are separate men and women’s classes.

Bracketing Weight Sports:

In weight class sports (arm wrestling, body building, bench press and power lifting) competitors will weigh in before their events. At that time, competitors will be bracketed according to their actual weight at weigh-in. The weigh in time will either be communicated to each competitor or posted at the registration booth at games headquarters.

When the bracketing is completed the competition will be held and medals awarded.

Sport Registration:

Each competitor must attend and check-in at the Registration Center at the Games Headquarters prior to competing in the games. At this time they must present their Agency Identification, verify all fees have been paid for all events they have entered and receive their games Identification Card Participant Pass (as provided by the host).

Competitors will be required to produce their Games identification when attending the on-site check-in location at the sports venue. It is suggested that the registration site not be moved and that the event coordinator be available to verify the team rosters and fees at the event site.


Competitors will not be allowed to intimidate or influence a coordinator regarding rule changes.

Setting rules by polling the competitors is not permitted. The rulebook is the last word in any dispute.

Late Competitors:

Scheduling will be adhered to.

Competitors as Officials:

If the sport rules allow competitors to officiate, they may be used as officials. However, they may not officiate games/matches, which include competitors from their own agency.


The Can-Am Police-Fire Games Federation has a general policy that prohibits alcoholic beverages from being consumed during competition by competitors and is prohibited from the field or primary area of competition. Violators of this rule may be disqualified. However, the Host may permit alcohol in circumstances that do not place a participant in an unsafe environment or cause a negative perception to the Federation and Host.

Spectators may consume alcoholic beverages as long as they are separated from the area of competition.

The host agency or its representatives must not provide or allow any alcoholic beverages to be served to anyone under the influence of alcohol or to anyone who becomes under the influence of alcohol due to this service.


Only CAN-AM POLICE-FIRE GAMES Medals will be awarded for athletic performance. Medals will be awarded to the first through third place finishers. Awards will be made on-site immediately following the events where possible.

Exception: When a protest is lodged that might affect the places. The sport coordinator will hold those medals pending the outcome of the protest.

A competitor MUST have COMPETED in a classification in order to be eligible to receive a medal for that classification. Registration only for a classification does not satisfy this requirement and no medal shall be awarded in this case.


All protests must be lodged with the sport coordinator or his designee immediately after the violation. The sport coordinator or his designee has final decision. On significant protests the Host or sport/event coordinator will request the CAN-AM POLICE-FIRE GAMES FEDERATION representative make the final decision.

Serious violations of CAN-AM POLICE-FIRE GAMES sport or event rules may result in disqualification (violence, cheating, etc.)

Admission Charges:

There will be no charge for spectators in any of the CAN-AM POLICE-FIRE GAMES sporting events. The only exception is for an Opening Ceremony if provided, however, no registered competitor may be charged for attending.

Should there be less than three participants in any age category, participants in that category will automatically be moved to the closest lower age category or next highest weight division.